About Spracher Engineering Inc.

Bill Spracher Bill Spracher –President and owner of Spracher Engineering and its subsidiary Amp'd Gear.

Specializing in high performance elastomeric part manufacturing, primarily for demanding industrial applications, the team focusses on blending high tech materials and processes with thorough engineering and old school sensibility. They have developed dynamic solutions for many applications including; deep-sea vehicles, roller coaster wheels, robotic re-fueling systems, military applications and orthopedic and prosthetic appliances. Their parts are engineered to perform reliably in environments where others have tried and failed.

Spracher Engineering custom formulates and processes elastomers of polyurethanes and silicones in house. This allows them to tailor material properties specifically to the product requirements giving enhanced performance not available in typical off the shelf materials.

Giving customers the benefits of their 35+ years of engineering experience, and sharing the knowledge of processes and materials has allowed them to build strong relationships with their customers. It is primarily word of mouth promotion that has driven their growth into diverse and exciting markets.

Spracher Engineering will work with you to help develop your next project and improve your current products. At Spracher Engineering we provide flexible solutions to dynamic problems and we look forward to working with you.